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미전도 종족 가운데
하나님 나라를 세우는
선교 공동체입니다

Come Mission is reaching out to
Unreached People Group
for God's Kingdom

Thy Kingdom COME

5 Core Values

  • Frontier Mission

    Frontier Mission

    We focus on unengaged and unreached people group.

  • Faith Mission

    Faith Mission

    We trust our Father who surely provides everything we need.

  • Incarnation Mission

    Incarnation Mission

    We respect and understand culture of the mission field.

  • Team Mission

    Team Mission

    We work as a team because we are one body of Christ.

  • Discipleship


    We build church community, not church building.

Program & Ministry

  • Mission All to All

    Encourages ALL churches and Christians to spread the gospel to ALL people through ALL kind of methods

  • SMS

    3-weeks of mission school for 1.5 & 2 generation of Korean Diasporas

  • Gap Year

    Give 1-year to God totally

  • Knee Prayer

    Be a Prayer Warrior



  • Come Mission USA

    Come Mission USA

    1520 James M. Wood Blvd.
    Los Angeles CA 900015
    Phone: 213-383-5499

  • Come Mission KOREA

    Come Mission KOREA

    Seoul-si Geumchun-gu Butggot-ro
    56-gil 62 2nd floor 08509
    Phone: 02-859-2414
    Fax: 02-6008-2434

  • Come Mission France

    Come Mission France

    Please contact US Headquarter for contact information.

  • Come Mission Australia

    Come Mission Australia

    7 Nyrang St. Lidcombe,
    NSW 2141 Australia